Elk and Clipper Photography

The Elk and Clipper is a great new 1920’s themed barbers based in Northern Ireland owned by Michael Dowall, Dwaine Smyth and Shane Lynch (from BoyZone).

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While this style of barbers is popular around England, USA and across Europe this is the first of its kind in Northern Ireland which really helps The Elk and Clipper to stand out. It is a cut throat business after all…

The Elk and Clipper make great use of local talent pulling in artists in sign making and woodwork to help pull together their interior design. The over all look and feel of the barbers is very slick and homely, drawing in customers from miles to its 3 locations as they want to feel like a real man for a few hours. The images The Elk and Clipper requested from myself have been used across all of their social media channels, they have really helped the barbers grow more followers and stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the great barbers they look up to online.


The Styling behind The Elk and Clipper Photography


The style requested from the client was very different from my usual clean cut and highly detailed photography (seen above which I shot for Hold Fast Bar Manchester). To match the tough and retro feel of the barbers the images where styled to look aged, grainy and rough. The look as been based off a technique called Pushing Portra 400 film to ISO 1600 this gives the film a really dark and grainy looks with hints of green and yellow. The photos really match the use of green walls and large wooden murals in The Elk and Clippers Barber shops. 

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The Final Outcome


The feedback from both The Elk and Clippers customers and the owners themselves has been brilliant. I hope to work with the guys more and more in the future as it has been a pleasure.


My Other Barber Photography

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