Hovis Advertising

Brief: ‘Hovis‘ (LTD) the UK brand of flour and bread, owned by Premier Foods Is releasing a line of dairy products into the UK market. Create a print advertising campaign for Hovis to build up hype about their new release.

Hovis Advertising Answer

Hovis have always had great advertising campaigns be it print or television so I really wanted to create something that would be both eye catching and memorable. Memorable campaigns have always had simple ideas behind them, after a lot of paying around with different copy the best option was definitely the most simple. ‘Now Doing Diary’ This copy says exactly what Hovis are doing, it doesn’t beat around the bush, it is easy to understand for all types of consumers and can be read at a glance.

Once the copy for the print advertising campaign was finalised next was to create something eye catching. As Hovis is going to start doing diary I wanted to find a way I could combine Diary with Flour and Bread in one image that would stand out. The conclusion to this was ‘The Out of Place Cow’ the idea behind this was simply placing a cow somewhere would it wouldn’t normally be seen (ideally somewhere bread related).

With the use of stock photography and photoshop retouching 3 main posters were created, one with a cow placed in a wheat field (again somewhere they wouldn’t normally be seen). This was to show the coming together of the diary (cow) and the bread (wheat). The second poster sees the cow in a Buttercup field which in turn symbolises the coming together of the show and butter (another diary product). Finally the third poster shows a cow in a green field which is a normal setting for a cow, however he has camera frame lines around him symbolising he is about to have this photography taken. This final poster is simply called ‘Cheese’.

All in all the poster campaign turned out to be quite powerful Hovis advertising and I am pleased with the final outcomes.