Logo Design in Manchester

Here is a collection of logo design in manchester that I have completed in the last year. These are just the logos that go with complete brands, I shall post links to the brands in each section of information about the logo design in manchester.

Meanings behind my Logo Design in Manchester

VIA Group is a large group of business consultation companies in Manchester, they specialise in sectors like offices, IT, telephones, property etc. everything you need to help your business run smoothly.

The idea by the logo is quite simple, it needed to be a master brand so the ‘group’ part can be changed to anything it needs to be, whether is it offices or property. The colour of purple was chosen by the client.



Attract+ or Attract+Visuals is are exclusive suppliers of the worlds best Magnetic Wallpaper and Murals Paint System with clients such as Ikea, Manchester Arndale and Kappa. The logo needed to look high end and classy and look magnetic. To achieve this I kept with to a monochrome colour scheme and the letters are close to the A and move apart as they get closer to the T. So the letters in the end look like they are attracted to the A.


The Outsiders logo was created for my Penguin book design. ‘The Outsiders by S E Hinton is a ground-breaking, timeless story by a brilliant writer.’A heroic story of friendship and belonging. No one ever said life was easy. The logo was made to look like a badge on a leather jacket.


The Carpet Lovers is an up and coming, trendy carpet and rug company aimed at new house owners who wouldn’t normally buy carpets for their new homes. The logo as you can see is the marriage of a heart and two rolled up carpets.


Careermap is a website where you can simply type in your post code and find school leaver apprenticeship jobs near by. The logo is quite simple, the colours have been made to look cool and educational and the logo is based around the letter C, a location pin and a Magnifying glass.

Colleens Jones logo can be found explained here. 

Gypsies Lip can be found here

Ikon can be found here