Aiden Grimshaw Musician Portrait


Musician portraits for Aiden Grimshaw‘s new album release.

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Aiden is well known for his time on Xfactor in 2010 and when he was signed with RCA records. Life in the music industry hasn’t ended there for Aiden as he has been releasing music since, working on his new album and is now a well established artist worldwide.

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Aiden grew up in Blackpool where there is a strong background of both musical and acting performers, he has been performing at a high standard from the age of 9. My previous work in Blackpool lead to Aiden being shown my work by a close friend of his, when the recording for his latest album neared to and end he called up to do some musician portraits to help market his new release.

Photographing Aiden Grimshaw’s Musician Portraits


The style of the musician portraits for Aiden Grimshaw where up close and personal, something I specialise when it comes to photographing people. I use a discrete Leica Rangefinder camera that doesn’t make my subjects feel uncomfortable like the usual big DLSR cameras. I spend time on the shoot talking to the subjects, getting them used to me being around, with an outgoing personality and musical background myself I am able to hold down a conversation with basically any musician and get the most out of the shoot.

The concept for Aidens shoot was to lie side by side with his news EP, all the songs follow a relationship story one of which involves walking home from a club early in the morning following a breakup.


The photographs have been used the have been shared to over 900,000 with the help of Aiden’s fans and a tweet from @realmattlucas

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As well as being shared across social media the photography has mad its way to Spotify which was a big personal achievement of my own. 11822860_1047774878580853_4661034382914629452_n

Aiden’s fans have also been very good, some even going to the extend of drawing my photography.


Since the update of facebook and twitter enabling gifs on their platforms I created moving images to be shared acrossed Aiden’s social media in the build up to the releases.