Social Media Photography

Social Media Photography is something that is usually overlooked when businesses start up their own Social Media account. If you want to upload a Facebook status or tweet that is grand but remember that posts with images attached get 87% more engagement that posts without – The Social Media Examiner

However this does not mean a low quality phone image will do, you want to show your business to the world in the best possible light. Photography is essentially light so using a professional photographer for each post would be brilliant. However this is not in everyones budget so I offer an affordable session of social media photography with my image likes tallying over 200k I promise to capture the the atmosphere/products/people of your business.

Previous Social Media Photography

Might as well start with a bang, my work has been shared on Manchester United’s Official Instagram and Facebook which received 133k likes and 295 comments on Instagram and 937 likes on Facebook. Being passionate about street photography when I seen this fan in Manchester I knew the photo would be useful on a MUFC page.

Shane Lynch the singer of BoyZone has shared my photography more than once on his Instagram page. I was asked to do photography for the barbers he owns in Ireland called The Elk and Clipper.

I also currently do the Social Media Photography every month for Hold Fast Bar which is in the Northern Quarter Manchester.

Leica Craft have also shared my photography on this Instagram page, this is a website dedicated to Leica camera user. It received 1283.

As well as all of this I run Forever Digitals Instagram on a daily basis.

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